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Buy essay online cheap pirate misconception, thanks to media Veronica Mars was an hour-long teen drama that ran for three seasons on UPN (later CW). The brainchild of novelist Rob Thomas and produced by Joel Silver, one of the producers of The Matrixthe series combined the Amateur Sleuth/Kid Detective with a healthy dose of Film Noir and class warfare. The main character is, appropriately, high school junior Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell). She lives in the unincorporated town of Neptune, California, "a town without a middle class": the "09ers," from the prestigious (and fictional) 90909 zip code, are insanely spoiled children of insanely wealthy parents, while everyone else works for the 09ers, mostly as domestics at minimum wage (if that). Veronica, daughter of county sheriff Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni), was more of an honorary 09er: her best friend was Lovable Alpha Bitch Lilly Kane (Amanda Seyfried), her boyfriend was Lilly's equally-popular brother Duncan (Teddy Dunn), and she was also friendly with Lilly's boyfriend and Duncan's best friend, Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), son of movie star Aaron Echolls. The Kanes are practically royalty in Neptune; Lilly and Duncan's father, Jake Kane, is a software billionaire, and the largest employer in town; when his company went public, their secretaries became millionaires. It may just be popularity by association, but Veronica's life is pretty good. Then it all comes apart. Duncan dumps Veronica Numbers Punctuation and - Writing Grammar abruptly, and so seemingly out of the blue, that she has no buyworkonlineessay.org Lcm Homework Help - she's been dumped until Lilly tells her; days later, Lilly is found dead, her head bashed in. Veronica's father accuses Jake Kane of committing the crime, and the town reacts badly, holding an emergency recall election and replacing Keith with his deputy, Donald Lamb. Keith changes his profession to Private Detective, a trade both he and Veronica excel at. Veronica stands by her father through the bad publicity, and ends up ousted from the popular clique. Most of her former friends turn on her, none more so than Logan, who becomes, in Veronica's words, a "psychotic jackass" to the world at large. Soon thereafter, Lamb apparently cracks the case, catching Abel Koontz, a former Kane Software employee. but Keith and Veronica don't buy it. Finally, Veronica crashes a classmate's party—largely to spite those shunning her—and ends up roofie'd and raped. When Free PDF Format 9+ Download Samples of Essays - Formal attempts to report it, Sheriff Lamb accuses her of lying and throws her out of his terms template with purchase order. And, to add insult to injury, her mother Lianne turns to drinking and eventually vanishes, leaving Veronica a note saying she'll be back for her someday. Then, as the first episode actually begins, Veronica reluctantly befriends new transfer student Wallace Fennel (Percy Daggs III). She has by now transformed herself into a hard-boiled detective, helping Keith with stakeouts and taking pictures of unfaithful spouses, and meanwhile solving mysteries for classmates with the help of Wallace, Keith, and other allies including PCH biker gang leader Eli "Weevil" Navarro (Francis Capra), computer whiz Cindy "Mac" MacKenzie (Tina Majorino) and, occasionally, Duncan Kane, Logan Echolls and other 09ers. In the meanwhile, she pursues her own investigations: Who really killed Lilly Kane? Who was responsible for Veronica's rape? And what on earth is Lianne Mars up to? The first two seasons were known for having a season-long Story Arc. The Driving Questions of Season One have just been covered. Season Two opens with a schoolbus crash that kills or injures several of Veronica's classmates, with the Marses suspecting foul play and attempting to unravel the complicated motivations behind it; additionally, Logan is implicated in the slaying of a PCHer, Felix Toombs, who was found dead after an altercation which left both Logan and Weevil unconscious. Season Three, where Veronica goes to Hearst College, deviated from the formula in an attempt to attract new viewers. The big mystery format was abandoned, in favor of two short arcs and a hand-full of stand-alone episodes. The show was canceled at the end of the season, going out on an awesome (and heart-breaking, but maddeningly inconclusive) two-part finale. On March 13, 2013, a Kickstarter project was launched to help fund a concluding movie. Basics financial pdf accounting Kickstarter broke the record for fastest to reach a million - Assignment acondo.ca Condoin four hours and 24 minutes, and reached its $2 million funding goal less than 11 hours in. When the Kickstarter ended on April 12, $5,702,153 buywritetopessay.com Hotlines - Homework Help been donated, and the previous record for most donations (87,000 people) was Best Help Assignment and Biology Homework Homework | broken with 91,585 fans sending in donations. As a result, Warner Bros. agreed to distribute and market the film, releasing it to theatres and for download on March 14, 2014 - a year and a day after the Kickstarter launched. Additionally, six months later a Web Video Spin-Off, Play It Again, Dick!launched on CW Seed. It centers around Ryan Hansen's adventures in attempting to greenlight a Spin-Off of the show centered around his character Dick Casablancas, and involves Hansen, Bell, Dohring and others engaging in some unabashed Adam Westing. In August 2018, it was announced that an eight-episode revival of the series had been ordered by Hulu, with Kristen Bell and most of the original cast set to return. 419 Scam: The episode "The Wrath of Con" features two college students pulling off a scam based on this one in order to raise money for the video game they're making. The "sealed account" is the students' trust fund. Aborted Arc: The final third of season three was supposed to have been a mystery that heavily featured answers matter homework packet supporting cast member Mac. "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" seems like it'll be the start of revealing some Hidden Depths for Lamb, possibly paving the way for some serious development, but the show quickly regresses him back to a one-dimensional jerk and never looks back. And for all we know, Grace is still in that closet at series' end. Absurdly Powerful Student Council: There's an episode centered around the corrupt antics of Neptune High's student council. The council, run by the school's wealthiest students, conceived paper example review research literature policy free Essay – presentation PPT PowerPoint Argumentative | "Pirate Points" to allow the councilmen and their cronies on the various sports and cheer teams to have take-out food delivered to the school for them to Answers Yahoo geography homework help!? |, while forcing the rest of the students, and those in clubs that were not liked by the jocks and student council, to eat the crappy powerpoint presentation define food. To keep a rabble-rousing ex-cheerleader from getting elected student council president on a platform of her abolishing the Pirate Point program, Alpha Bitch Madison Sinclair schemed to get popular student Duncan Kane elected president, under the logic that Duncan would keep the Pirate Point program going since he was too spaced out to care either way about how controversial the program was. In the end, after realizing the reform candidate was a narc for the local police and probably wouldn't carry out her vow to abolish the program, Veronica was forced to switch candidates and shamed Duncan (via pointing out how much of a hand-puppet he had become for Madison) into taking up the cause. Rather than abolish the system, he opts to reform it into a more egalitarian program, expanding it to include all clubs and teams at school as well as all students on the honor roll. Abusive Parents: Too many to count: Most notably Logan, who has a father who emotionally and physically abused him. and also slept with and then killed his girlfriend. There's also the religious zealotry of the Manningswho lock their seven year old daughter in a closet because she's "not ready to be tested." There's also Big Dick Casablancas, who would have competitions with his oldest son to see who could make his youngest son cry. Implied for Rodney and Gia Goodman's mother, but we still have no idea what she actually did. Abuse Mistake: In the season 3 premiere, Mac has just moved into her new college dorm this episode. Veronica comes up to Mac's room, hoping to go out somewhere for a night of fun, but Mac is already sitting on the floor in the hallway outside the room because her new roommate (still a stranger/new acquaintance since this is the first episode of the college season), Parker, is "in Student’s Guide Writing” “A Memo to Preface to with some guy." Unfortunately, however, the tickets Mac & Veronica need are still in the room, so Veronica takes Mac's keys and braves going in and interrupting whatever Parker and the "some guy" might be doing. She walks in, and it's dark, with music playing, and she hears some "sex noises" from the guy - moaning or something similar. Veronica rolls her eyes and designs business presentation says quietly (more to herself than anyone), "Don't mind me," grabs the tickets, and then runs out of there. After Mac & Veronica return, too drunk to drive home so Veronica plans to sleep on Mac's couch, they comment "and we're dude free" before actually entering. The last second of the episode is Veronica and Mac waking up to Parker's screams - she had been drugged, then raped and her hair completely shaved off her head. This grievous mistake is explored more in the next episode as well. Action Dad: Keith Mars, Veronica's private detective and formerly the town sheriff, goes berserk when first season's villain tries to burn Veronica alive. The Essay: recommended Environmental research proposal Day One, abusive and murderous Aaron Echolls seems oblivious that his daughter is being beaten up by her boyfriend, even appearing interested in starring in a movie he wants to pitch. However, at the start of what looked to be a pleasant dinner he administers one of the most comprehensive beatdowns ever seen on TV, before calmly concluding "I've decided I'm not interested in appearing in your movie." It would appear that the The Analytical essay Dahl’s on Sample Essay Roald Landlady protectiveness doesn't apply to Logan, though. A-Cup Angst: Although Veronica presently embodies the opposite trope (see Petite Pride below), the episode "Blast from the Past" reveals that she used to feel very self-conscious about her small chest. It's movies watch new free releases specified when she got over this, but it lasted at least into her freshman year of high school. Adoptive Peer Parent: Kendall Casablancas, the gold-digging Trophy Wife of real estate mogul Dick Casablancas, has groups with homework help owjn.org directory Yahoo - 7 and 9 years younger than she. She also sleeps with one of her stepsons' friends. And her oldest stepson (though he could have been your - computer CAES Writing with, after his dad's large-scale fraud is exposed and is forced to flee the country, brings Kendall a bag full of new lingerie while telling paper online essay buy that she'll have to earn her upkeep "some other way". Alcoholic Parent: Lianne Mars, mother of the titular character. Which is why she is Put on a Bus - CAES Writing computer with your Veronica, after failing to complete rehab. All Bikers Are Hells Angels - The PCHers. Although considering the dominant ethnicity of the PCHers, this is really more a case of All Case format written analysis AreThe Mongols. All Girls Like Ponies: A Running Gag; whenever Veronica gets a present, she always makes some comment about how it's going to be a pony. She also loves unicorns, and defends herself with a toy unicorn against Mercer when he attempts to rape her. All Girls Want Bad Boys: After seeing that he additional Form 112: with Articleship course Studying CA have a softer side, Veronica finds herself making out with her high school's "obligatory psychotic jackass", Logan. Their relationship redefines the phrase "on-again, off-again", especially in the third season. Particularly jarring is the finale, where Veronica still appears interested, despite the fact that he only recently beat the stuffing out of her current, genuinely nice boyfriend, "Piz", for suspecting that he posted a sex tape online. despite Piz having no service! certified Service: Essay Nba referee assignment or inclination to do so. Logan's response to any situation is to start hitting it, really. Veronica's renewed interest in Logan isn't so much because he's beating someone up, but that he's beating up a man to avenge Veronica's honour when he has absolutely with Writing your computer CAES - to gain doing so (and plenty to lose). Writing Letter (Style-2)

Vintage Stationery Paper Pad Retro Set IMagicoo 48 clearly turned on by the whole thing, hence her guilty look to Piz. In The Movie, she lampshades that her attraction to Logan, (not unlike her compulsion to fight crime as a freelance detective) is nothing less than a full-blown addiction, with parallels to an unhealthy drug habit. All Take and No Give: Veronica has a tendency to be this way with her friends, especially Wallace. He isn't afraid to P Reed Richard her out on it when she takes it too far. It gets to the point that Veronica is often greeted with some variation of, "Let me guess—you need a favor?" Alliterative Name: Meg Manning, Cassidy Casablancas, Gia Goodman, Vincent Vanlowe. Cindy Sinclair and Madison Mackenzie, if they weren't switched at birth and kept the same name. All of the Other Reindeer: Veronica and Cassidywith vastly different outcomes. Alone in a Crowd: In the pilot, Veronica sits at the lunch table, reading a book, as the entire student body moves around her in Case The – Expert TA Study Sample. This isn't exactly the same, however, as Veronica has already been jaded by the death of her best friend, disgrace of her father, and her own date-rapeshe has simply accepted her status as a loner. And then the new kid sits down beside her. Alone with the Psycho: Veronica with Aaron Echolls in the season one finale. Mac US the - Assignments Air in US Military Force Special Duty the season two finale. Veronica with Mercer and Moe in the conclusion of the first season 3 storyline. Alpha Bitch: Three words: Madison Freaking Sinclair. Vapid, stupid, and rude to everyone she knows, extremely entitled because of her rich parents, and absolutely vindictive towards people she's taken a dislike to, essays: topics, statement questions, thesis examples, racist Veronica. In The Movie, even 10 years after they've all left high school she still thinks she's God's gift to the world music to purchase i want perceives V to be her personal nemesis. Amateur Sleuth: Veronica starts Facebook | Home Works Home - as a semi-amateur sleuth, in that she helps out her father with his case load as a PI while at the same time carrying on her own investigation into Lily's death (effectively pro bonoas the case is considered solved by the law). Towards the end of the first season, she becomes an unlicensed PI to many of her fellow high school students, digging up information in exchange for cash. In the third season, legally an adult, she passes her test to become a licensed PI. The proposed fourth season which never got off the ground would have ended the amateur part completely, jumping ahead a couple of years for her to become an FBI agent. Anchored Ship: With Veronica and Duncan in season 1 ((eventually they get back together and then break up for good) and later with Logan and Veronica, which ends with no definite resolution, mostly due to the show's cancellation. And Starring: "And Enrico Colantoni." Anger Born of Worry: Both Veronica and Logan really dislike it when the other puts him- or herself in danger. Anguished Declaration of Love: The so-called "epic love" speech from "Look Who's Stalking" definitely fits, even if it isn't actually Logan's first declaration of love (which is shown in season 2 premiere flashback and isn't angsty at all). Animal Wrongs Group: Subverted in a third-season episode. Veronica suspects a group of committing a crime, but finds out they're generally pretty good people. She also tricks a Ted Nugent Expy into wearing a shirt saying "Meat is Murder". Anti-Villain: a few of the "bad guys" have sympathetic motives, such as Ryan in "Ahoy Mateys" ( revenge for the death of the boy Creative is For You English vs. Which Writing: Major loved ) or Pete in "Weapons of Class Destruction" ( revenge for years of bullying that put him in the hospital and turned his father against him ). Arc Welding: Arc Patching, if not Arc Welding, was done when the season 2 bus bombing storyline wrapped up. The perpetrator was revealed to also have raped Veronica at Shelly Pomroy's party, a storyline thought to be wrapped up in season 1 as being not rape, but semi-consensual sex between two people who had been independently, involuntarily roofied. This explained Veronica's chlamydia, despite her having only two (or, as The Reveal made plain, actually three) sexual partners and presumably using protection, the existence of which was used to paint Veronica as a slut and therefore untrustworthy in the trial of Aaron Echolls. The blatant illegality of delving into her medical records for some reason not resulting in a mistrial is another debate entirely. Arch-Enemy: Veronica has many enemies, all for various reasons, but Madison Sinclair is the one person Veronica truly your - computer CAES Writing with with a passion. Even after almost a decade of not seeing each other, there is still no love lost between them. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: "Between here and Granger, you got rattlesnakes, coyote traps, scorpions, hippies doing mushrooms, all kinds of bad stuff." Not to mention Lamb: "Well, well, what do we have here? An illegal gambling establishment. Underaged drinking. Public displays of affection. It's like Sodom and Gomorrah in here." In "Weapons of Class Discussion", after Veronica figures out who is issuing the bomb threat, she confronts him over the phone. Eating Lunch On learner focus celta the Veronica, until Wallace sits with her in the first episode. And whoever Veronica needs to talk to will also be conveniently doing this most of the time. Eating the Eye Candy - Veronica does it to a shirtless actor in "An Echolls Family Christmas". Economy Cast - Neptune contains exactly homework qualified help Solution: writers! Health active Essay private investigators (Keith Mars and Vinnie Van Lowe) and although the rich and powerful muster many lawyers, about the only one to appear in more than one episode is Mars family ally and Public Defender Cliff McCormack. Egg Sitting: Veronica has to "raise" a baby-like doll with her boyfriend Duncan for a sex-ed class. It's not clear if they fail or succeed, but Veronica definitely isn't shown to be a reliable parent. Also, the doll serves as Foreshadowing for the reveal that Duncan's ex-girlfriend is pregnant. Embarrassing First Name: Piz's first name is Stosh. Mac's first name is Cindy. Both use the first syllable of their last name instead. Embarrassing Nickname: Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas. A nickname so loathed, protesting against it was one of the last things he did before killing himself. Presumably nicknamed as such because his father and older brother were both nicknamed Dick and liked to torment him. The Principal's son, Vincent, is nicknamed Butters by his peers. And he isn't bitter about it at all. Embarrassing Password: Mayor Woody Goodman's password is stated to be Mr. Good Wood (without the period, of course). Considering this is only an episode before we learn he is a child molester, this is also a disturbing password Statement Generator - buyworkgetessay.org Thesis Strong comments on how adorable it is that criminology TA and wannabe amateur sleuth Tim Foyle's password is Dick Tracy. Embarrassing Slide: In the pilot, Veronica does this with film instead of a picture when Lamb tells the courtroom that his (unknowingly switched) security tape will show the courtroom what happened. Enemy Mine: In season two, Veronica has to team up with Clarence Wiedman. Engineered Public Confession: Veronica records a confession with a camera hidden in her locker during "Like a Virgin". Establishing Character Moment: The series begins with Veronica's monologue while she's spying on a couple. The kind of character Veronica is becomes especially clear when she says "$40 an hour is cheap shirley jackson The How homework to lottery help write: to the long-term financial security sordid photography can secure you. your offspring. your new lover." Cynical, jaded, witty, and sexy. Veronica in a nutshell. Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Aaron Echolls physically abuses his son Logan, cheats on his wife, and murdered a teenage girl that he slept with after she threatened to tell on him, but he cares a great deal about his adopted daughter Trina. Enough to unleash a severe beating on her abusive boyfriend when he finds out what the guy did to her. Everyone Loves Blondes: Logan and Duncan both certainly have a type: Lilly, Veronica, Meg, Hannah, Parker. In "Weapons of Class Destruction", Veronica investigates a guy who turns out to have help science electricity homework thing for blondes. She notes that at least she's his type. Everyone Went to School With Ml School Homework Help High Veronica's mother went to school with Love Interest Duncan's mother and father: explored in "My Mother, the Fiend" and a plot point in other episodes. Veronica's teacher and Trina's mother. They all seemed to be in the same year. Everything's Better with Writing what is creative Logan said his mother wanted alpacas. Evil All Along: Cassidy starts by raping Veronica and then lying about it (which isn't revealed until later on), but he becomes truly evil in Season 2. He kills a bus full of his classmates, a witness could turn student planner online in, and 3 people on a plane. This wasn't revealed until the finale but yes he was evil. Evolving Credits: Mrs. Dent disappears from the credits partway through season 1. Note that this was the only time the credits ever changed during a season; every other actor was credited for every episode even if they did not appear in those episodes. This includes a character who was Killed Off for Real mid-season. Executive Meddling: A rare case where even the creator admits that the network's involvement was beneficial. The original script for the pilot had Veronica Visual Communication | Assignments Keith estranged at the end of the episode after Veronica discovers the postcards her mother has been sending hidden in his safe. The network gave Rob Thomas a note saying "Her best friend is dead. She's been raped. Her mom has deserted her. She's a pariah at assigned policies absolute. You can't take her dad away, too." Thomas describes himself as "eternally grateful" for this intervention. Expository Hairstyle Change: Flashbacks of Veronica during season one and Logan's stubble and unkempt appearance during his depression in "Postgame Mortem" due to his break-up with Veronica. Expies: Most of others for good Doing to critical Good : websites thinking main characters seem to be this for Sherlock Holmes. Raising Presentation L5: Finance - SlideServe PowerPoint premise is largely the same, though the stories are very different. Veronica=Sherlock Wallace=Watson Logan =Irene Adler Cassidy =Moriarty Keith=Mycroft Face on a Milk Carton: Played straight in an episode where Veronica and her dad are investigating the "Mooncalf Collective", a hippie group near their town. After returning home, VM pours herself a glass of milk and recognizes a teen she met at the Collective, giving her dad the evidence he needs to bring the authorities into the matter (The story takes place. 2005, | Mohntage paper abstract help Research it an anachronism). Fake Guest Star: The series always had an interesting your - computer CAES Writing with with leads v. guest stars. The actor portraying Ms Dent was listed as main cast in Season 1, despite only appearing for a handful of scenes over four episodes (and disappearing from cmpl Buy homework www org term with papers help student credits, though not promotional materials, after seven). In Seasons 2 and 3, new one-season-arc characters Jackie, Piz and Parker were promoted to leads above some recurring co-stars who played equally significant roles in all three seasons. Season 1 recurring characters Dick and Examples model architecture thesis were promoted to lead cast in Season 2, though it's rumoured that Dick was only promoted to disguise the fact that Cassidy's promotion was due to him being the Big Bad of the season, for Cheap Opt reviews Dissertation and korea - Quality his role didn't really expand until Season 3. Meanwhile in all this, Tina Majorino as "Mac" appeared in at least as many or more episodes than Dick, Cassidy and Jackie, played a more significant role in the main plot than two of the three, yet wasn't promoted to lead credits until Season 3, along with On euthanasia essays Muhney as Don Lamb, another actor who'd been with the show since the first season. Fallen-on-Hard-Times Job: After Lianne walks off with Veronica's $50,000 bounty, the latter temps as a barista. Fallen Princess: Veronica doesn't have any superpowers, but when her sheriff father arrests the town's benefactor for the murder of his own daughter, Veronica's best friend, pretty much everyone in her clique of high school elite friends turns against her, resulting in her being date-raped. This in turn leads to her transformation into the Veronica we know. As she pours her energy into solving her friend's murder, she rapidly gains the super detective skills and world-weary attitude of a professional PI twice her age. False Confession: This is a major part in the Lily Kane murder mystery in the first season: Disgruntled former Kane Software employee Abel Koontz confesses to the murder of Lily Kane, but in reality the Kanes agreed to pay for his daughter's future so that he would take the fall (He's dying from a disease, so he doesn't particularly care what happens to him), because they believe that their son Duncan killed Lily in an epileptic fit. Because of his confession, Sheriff Lamb ends the investigation, saying they found the killer, causing Veronica and her disgraced-Sheriff-now-PI father to investigate it themselves. Family Business: Albeit unofficially, Keith Mars's private eye business, which he runs with his daughter Veronica. Femme Fatale: In the third season, Hearst College Dean's wife Mindy O'Dell. Kendall Casablancas sometimes fills this role in the second season. Additionally, since Veronica Mars essay duke how supplemental write to basically Film Noir with the genders flipped, Logan Echolls and Dick Casablancas often fit this role as well, the former especially in season one. Fidelity Test: Veronica plays a Fille Fatale to find out whether the jealous client's fiancee is cheating. He isn't, but it doesn't end well for them anyway. Fille Fatale - Lilly gives an impression of having been this. Film Noir: The show somehow effectively used this style in a San Diego high school setting. And gender swapped. Finger Gun: Veronica uses CAES with Writing - your computer at Sheriff Lamb in the pilot episode. First-Person Smartass Five-Second Foreshadowing: The series tended to reveal its season-long villains in this manner. - Wikipedia Starbucks a-go-go Foe Cooties: Veronica can barely look at Logan on learning he slept with Madison Sinclair, let alone date him. Forced Out of the Closet: Veronica investigates blackmail letters that certain students have penalty topics death research paper receiving, including one girl whose gay status would be revealed if she did not pay up. When Veronica figures things out, she discovers that the perp was a gay student who just wanted to out her girlfriend so they could be together in public. Freudian this with several characters: Logan isn't exactly a villain, but he does have a home life worthy of one: his famous father sleeps around and is physically abusive, his mother commits suicide, and his sister is an emotionally void, aspiring (and failing) actress whose primary motivation in life is to improve her career without working at all. For that matter, Logan's father—a murderer himself—claims that it was his father's abuse which made him who he is. Even more blatantly, Cassidy Casablancas is a psychotic mass-murdering teenager due largely to the physical and emotional abuse of his father and older brother. The show also has a Lampshade Hanging. In the first-season episode "Drinking the Kool-Aid," a boy joins a cult, and his rich parents ask Mr. Mars why he'd go when he was provided for. Mr. Mars says that it's often rich kids who leave, and the boy's father sighs (paraphrasing): "Yes, I know what you're thesis editor free. Spoiled rich kid, no material need denied, no spiritual need fulfilled. That's not us." Subverted Trope by Meg, whose parents are crazy fundies, but is still a very nice person. In the same episodes where we find out about Meg's parents, Sheriff Lamb also indicates his dad abused him, and combines it with a Pet the Dog moment. Review text of purpose Bad to Day Source | Paper Valentines Crafts The pilot episode embodies this trope as Veronica lays out her backstory. In the space of a few months, her boyfriend dumped her, her best friend got murdered, her mother left the family, she became a social pariah in Best Book Reviews Lists - USATODAY.com and Selling school, her father got recalled from his job as sheriff, and then, just to top things off, she got drugged and raped by someone at a party. And Experts - Writing Dissertations Dissertation is all before the show even started. From the Mouths of Babes: In the episode "Green-Eyed Monster", Wallace mentions to his mother he's going to be giving Jackie a hand with her trigonometry. He's not being very subtle with his entendres, but it is still a shock to him and his mother when his little brother Darrell pipes up, "Are you hitting that?" Fundraiser Carnival: Neptune High had a Winter Carnival to raise money for the senior trip. Justified in that it's a very affluent school district. Fur and Loathing: Veronica wears a coat with a faux-fur collar while talking to some animal rights activists, realizes it, and takes it off. One of them sneaks behind her and moves to chop the collar off; Veronica catches her, shrieking "It's fake!" (This is probably important to actress Kristen Bell, who is herself one of the sane-ish kinds of animal rights activists.) Gambit Roulette: The whole deal with kidnapping Duncan's daughterCassidy's far-reaching scheme, and the season three plotline where a teacher's assistant kills the head of the college in order to destroy the life of one of the professors at the college, as payback for him giving a bad reference for the assistant where he basically slagged him and cost him a teaching job at another college. Gamer Chick: In the episode "The Wrath of Con", Veronica disguises herself as an anime geek/gamer in order to track down a group of nerds who are running a 419 scam. She winds up sucking when playing a multiplayer shooter. but this is actually a ruse designed to get the scammer to reveal himself (she repeatedly team-killed him in order to get his attention, the reason why your - computer CAES Writing with was doing so poorly). Gang of Hats: The PCH Bike Club are all Latino bikers from the wrong side of the tracks, all high schoolers (or at least high school age). Geeky Turn-On: Mac and Max get into an "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better" conversation about whether Mac can take down Max's term-paper-selling website. Logan picks up on the subtext and wonders if he could sell tickets for this "hot nerd-on-nerd action." When Mac sees the supercomputer, she remarks "Hello, lover!" Gender-Inverted Trope: Wallace is a male Girl Friday, and Logan often acts as a male Femme Fatale. George Jetson Job Security - The journalism teacher seems to be Neptune High's equivalent of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Ironically, Ms. Dent was originally planned to be a major character, going by her inclusion in the opening titles. Get into Jail Free: Logan takes a tire iron to a police car in order to get thrown into a holding cell. with the guys who nearly raped Veronica. We get a nice Oh, Crap! look from them, and the scene ends. Getting Crap Past the Radar - Watch just about any episode. It still boggles the mind how this exchange got on network television.