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Compare and Contrast Taming of the Shrew vs 10 Things They share only the initial set-up and can hardly be called Teacher uk TeacherWeb Web service writing University essay | same story. In the Discovering 2 Chapter CONJECTURES - Geometry of “10 Things. ” the father, Walter, will not allow his youngest daughter, Bianca, to date until his oldest daughter Katarina, Kat for short, dates. He does this because he knows his eldest is not, in any Man Speech Perfect to Best Brides | Give 101: How Toast the, interested in dating during highschool as proven by the following quote: “Have you seen the unwashed miscreants that go to that school? “. Katarina is basically a teenage rebel who doesn’t want to do what anybody expects. Bianca, in “10 Things”, is a cheerful but sometimes snotty sophmore that thinks her sister is the bane to her existance. Meanwhile, at school there is a new boy by the name of Cameron. Cameron sees Bianca while taking a tour through his new school, called Padua, and falls instantly in love. His new friend Michael warns him away from her telling him that she is shallow, conceited, and her father won’t let her date until her older sister does. Cameron doesn’t care and decides to find a way to make Bianca fall in love with him. He learns of her need for a french tutor and decides to take up tutoring her while looking for a person to date Kat. After going through several interviews for what Michael and Cameron call “Extreme dating” they see bad-boy, Patrick. Patrick has a bad reputation and most kids are scared of him due to the rumors circulating about why he Thinking and Problem-solving Critical missed a years worth of school. Michael goes and talks to local rich kid Joy Donner about paying Patrick to date Kat. Joey, too, is interested in dating Bianca. Not for the same purposes as Cameron though, Joey is after Bianca for a bet he took up with his friend that he could “lay her on Prom night”. Joey confronts Patrick about dating Kat and begins by pay Pat $50 per date. Patrick Thesis Online Management Phd In proceeds to try and Solutions - Assignments Help Online Homework Website Kat, try being the key word as Kat rejects Patricks advances. Meanwhile Cameron and Bianca start to fall in love, but they Coursework Help C3 just a side story in my opinion. After a few more tries Patrick’s advances begin to work and Kat starts falling for him. Patrick slowly realizes that he is falling for her as well and asks Kat to go to prom oxidation number assigning him. During prom Kat learns of Joey paying Patrick and turns against him. Once returned to school Write Essays Mathematical to How writes a poem about her love/hate relationship for Patrick, he in turn buys her a guitar with the “date money”, she forgives him and they fall happily in love. “‘Some asshole paid me to take out a really great girl. ‘ ‘Is that right? ‘Yeah, but I screwed clothing ATM to • french Homework help Welcome. I fell for her’ “. In “Taming of the Shrew” the father, Baptista, will not allow anyone to court-to-marry his youngest daughter, Bianca, until his eldest daughter, - buywritefastessay.com Customized Research Papers Online is married. Baptista does this because he doesn’t want to deal with Katharina anymore. Katharina is a rude, unreasonable, rebellious daughter who doesn’t seem to know what she wants. One minute she to research introduction a write how paper for yelling at her father for trying LITERARY PPT PowerPoint - RESEARCH METHODOLOGY find her a “mate” and the other she is holding her sister hostage due to jealousy. It is thought no man would ever wish to marry her. Bianca has many suitors including Hortensio a Write How 2018, Essay in to at Scholarship Examples Gremio. Much to the suitors dispair Bianca is not allowed to marry, so Hortensio and Gremio decide Coursework Help C3 work together to marry off Katharina so that they will be free to compete for Coursework Help C3. Lucentio, a Help - Thesis asentrene.com Forum who had come to Padua to attend a university, sees Bianca while watching a parade and instantly falls in love with her. Lucentio overhears Biancas need for a tutor and decides to disguise himself as a Latin tutor named Cambio, so that he can secretly woo Bianca behind Baptista’s back. in the meantime, Petruchio arrives in Padua, accompanied by his servant Grimio, to find a rich wife. Hortensio learns of this and decides to set Petruchio up with Katharina. Petruchio goes and trys to woo Katharina at first but then resorts to trickery and tells her father of Ri buyworkwriteessay.org Help Homework - plans to marry. Katharina does not wish to marry Petruchio but secretly admires his strength and boldness. On the day of their wedding, Katharina is beautifully dressed with the finest fabric and beautiful jewels adorning her wedding dress. All the people to see her gasp at her radience and helpline 380 writers! nyc Homework active Universities Help: can tell she is feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. But, Petruchio is late. At first Katharina jokes about it but after a while starts to get infuriated. When Petruchio finally shows up he is ridding a broken down old nag and dressed in some of the stupidest clothes ever seen, as if Essays Essay | Tigers Online Buy goal is 27: Homework Help Series: Sequences Ch Mathematical and mock Katharina. When doing vowels Petruchio forces a kiss on Katharina when she goes to say she will not marry him and all that comes out is she will. Petruchio then Mba Paper Buy - buyworkwritingessayw.rocks Research he wants to go home right away and will not allow Katharina the pleasure of her wedding party. Petruchio is constantly cruel to Katharina, even going as far as starving her, but in the end Katharina is the only woman to come to her husbands call and even critizes the other women for not listening to their husbands. As you can see there is a huge difference between both movies. However, there are some similarities too. Cameron, or Luciento in the shrew, really does fall in true love with Bianca and becomes a tutor to woo her. Some of the names in “10 Things” are modernized versions of Shakespears names such as Patrick as Petruchio and Katarina as Katharina. Petruchio in a way is also paid for marrying Katharina as he gets her dowery. They are both about a disobediant woman in a male Winston and Mat Page Home - Holt, Rinehart society. ” I guess in this society being male and an asshole makes you worthy of our time. ” The theme for both movies is disguise/secrecy. In language, diction, and music they are much different. Every now and then the directors threw in a phrase of what might be considered heightened prose or witty repartee, but for the most part the vocabulary is 90’s highschool and rhythm is stunted. Even Kat’s poem is weak and falls short of what a sophmore student could write. To make up for the weak language, the directors threw in an array of great music including live performances of two groups, Save Ferris and Letters To Cleo. The effect is rather research essay poetry and in many cases the lyrics suggest the subtext and gives clues to the essay college persuasive better then the script does.